Mission and Values

EnCompass is a women-owned business offering innovative and customized solutions for leadership, capacity strengthening, technical assistance, and monitoring and evaluation. We have experience in more than 70 countries and a team of more than 100 staff and 1,200 experts around the globe.

We partner with government and multilateral agencies, nonprofit organizations, and corporations around the world, offering thought leadership, rich diversity, and technical expertise in global health, inclusive development, education, human rights, and food security.

Our Mission

We bring intelligence, innovation, and inspiration to clients worldwide to support learning and achieve performance excellence.

Hallmarks of Our Work

  • Appreciative approaches – We incorporate the systematic study of success to enable frank conversations and increase commitment to outcomes.
  • Whole-systems perspective – We test assumptions and ask questions to uncover cultural context and other factors that affect each program’s success.
  • Sustainable learning – We engage with clients, partners, and participants in a participatory learning journey that creates a sense of joint ownership for the process and the results.
  • Participant-centered engagement – We exercise respect and humility in engaging with participants through methods that are appropriate for each of them.
  • Equity-focused methods – We apply an inclusive lens to promote human rights and deepen the impact of development.
  • Creative thinking – We bring cutting-edge ideas and co-create solutions to meet each client’s current and future needs.

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