Organizational Development and Technical Assistance

EnCompass provides cross-sectoral technical assistance to help clients and partners achieve organizational excellence. Our expertise in learning and monitoring and evaluation enables our clients to make informed decisions about the future of their programs and organizations. Visit this page for blog posts, project pages, and other content on our organizational development services. Visit this page for more content on our technical assistance services.

What We Offer in Organizational Development and Technical Assistance

  • Technical assistance, strategic planning, and other expert services to help clients enhance performance at all levels of their organizations
  • Comprehensive, integrated, and innovative solutions for organizational excellence in a variety of sectors
  • State-of-the-art facilitation and organizational development interventions to improve organizational performance

How We Work

  • Articulating desired outcomes through highly participatory processes engaging clients from the outset of a project
  • Ensuring efforts are responsive to client’s needs through regular check-ins and open communication
  • Creating sustainability of efforts through linkages between individual capacity strengthening and organizational performance
  • Building in assessment and quality improvement through monitoring and evaluation expertise

What Makes Our Work Different

  • Participatory processes – We use a range of energizing, action-oriented virtual and in-person methodologies to bring people together to share and collaborate. Our methods include Appreciative Inquiry, Deep Dive, Open Space Technology, and World Café, and many others.
  • Organizational assessments – We work with clients to gather information about the existing behaviors or practices in a system or across an organization to understand what is working well and where there is opportunity for improvement.
  • Knowledge and learning strategy – We research and document best practices and lessons for clients and their audiences, and develop processes and tools that facilitate sharing of knowledge, expertise, and lessons within and across groups.
  • Benchmarking and strategic planning – We use a comprehensive, facilitative process to help organizations and programs plan, and we support diverse teams to discover common ground and recognize how strategic partnerships can help achieve their goal.

Featured Projects

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EnCompass conducted a corporate evaluation of UN Women’s Regional Architecture. UN Women’s mandate is to progress efficiently and effectively toward the goal of achieving gender equality and women’s empowerment. The Regional Architecture...

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Featured Team Member

Shailee Ghelani provides support to EnCompass' Transform: Primary Health Care project with the organization's gender...

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