Learning and Capacity Strengthening

EnCompass helps clients and partners build the capacity of their workforce to make a powerful difference in global development. Our approaches empower individuals and teams to gain competence and confidence and engage more fully in their work. Visit this page for blog posts, project pages, and other content on our learning and capacity strengthening services.

What We Offer in Learning and Capacity Strengthening

  • Innovative approaches to capacity building that enhance participants’ competence, confidence, and engagement
  • Masterful design and facilitation of blended learning—including face-to-face and virtual offerings—that meet participants where they are along the learning path and allow for application, reflection, critical self-analysis, and synthesis
  • Multisectoral expertise that enables learning and capacity strengthening in highly technical topics and in “soft” skills 
  • Diversity of cultures, languages, and expertise among team members to ensure learning resonates with participants and sticks with clients

How We Work

  • Learning needs assessment to gain a clear understanding of the specific training objectives and desired impact on participants’ learning for professional development
  • Collaborative design of high-quality blended learning activities that focus on application and peer learning
  • Responsive and relevant approaches that can be deployed along the learning pathway to meet clients’ capacity-strengthening objectives
  • Use of data to inform continual process improvements in our learning and capacity-strengthening programs through rigorous evaluation of learning, using proven methods such as the Kirkpatrick levels and Philips ROI

What Makes Our Work Different

  • Learning that fits busy schedules – We offer course pre-work, such as short videos and engaging e-courses that participants can access online at their convenience, and we link participants with coaches and mentors to support continued learning after they return to their jobs.
  • Virtual instructor-led training (vILT) – We design creative, engaging sessions for remote teams of up to 200 people, using online conferencing platforms such as Adobe Connect. Learners can join from anywhere in the world to make meaning of concepts, collaborate, share feedback, conduct data collection, or hold virtual focus groups.
  • Face-to-face learning experiences – We develop experiential and highly interactive in-person learning experiences (meetings, workshops, retreats, and more) that invite participants to build on their experiences, practice and apply learning principles, and collaborate.
  • Learning “bursts” – We help participants continue their learning journeys with periodic follow-up messages, delivering job aids, animations, interactive videos, and other resources to help them revisit a technical subject, reflect on key aspects of their work, or strengthen understanding of subject matter.
  • Action learning – We help participants apply learning in meaningful ways by guiding them to identify well-crafted learning focus areas that help them stretch into new areas of professional development.

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