EnCompass staff and consultant teams offer deep expertise on a broad range of topics.  Our deepest expertise lies in the following areas:

  • Building Health Capacity 
  • HIV and AIDS
  • Gender and Human Rights
  • Education and Youth
  • Democracy and Governance

Building Health Capacity

We provide technical assistance and capacity-building services to organizations working in support of improving health outcomes, including:

  • Design and facilitation of health training curricula and e-learning
  • Evaluation of health programs and projects
  • Strategic planning for health organizations
  • Monitoring and evaluation of health programs
  • Costing analysis related to health outcomes
  • Documenting programs, best practices, and lessons learned in health


Many of our staff have field experience in the prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS worldwide, with particular expertise in Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe. A significant share of our work has focused on assisting U.S. Government agencies and international organizations to strengthen their global HIV response. Our work includes strengthening the core capacities of organizations, networks, and partnerships to achieve impact.

Gender and Human Rights

We provide technical assistance and capacity-building services to organizations working in support of gender equality and human rights. Our work focuses primarily on gender analysis, gender training and programs, tools, and processes that support women and other marginalized groups in contributing to positive change by actively participating in processes and decisions that affect their lives. 

Education and Youth

EnCompass’ work with youth has focused on creating access to quality health care,  education and safe environments through which youth may prosper.  Among EnCompass’ youth projects are evaluations of elementary school-based programs for literacy and health, assessments of community-based youth engagement programs, research on child labor issues, and curriculum on youth livelihood topics.   

Democracy and Governance

EnCompass’ work in the area of Democracy and Governance focuses on strengthening the capacities of development organizations and government agencies to address participatory, stable and inclusive governing processes and systems. Through evaluation and capacity building projects, we have supported electoral systems, civic engagement, community building, and counter-extremism.


Highlighted Projects

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